How do you play Bingo Plus in USA?

In the USA, play Bingo Plus by purchasing specific cards, listening for called numbers, marking them, and winning by completing patterns.

Introduction to Bingo Plus

Bingo Plus is an evolved version of the traditional Bingo game, known for its exciting twists and additional ways to win. Unlike the conventional Bingo, which typically revolves around matching five numbers in a row, Bingo Plus comes with more patterns and combination possibilities.

How do you play Bingo Plus in USA

History of Bingo in the USA

The game of Bingo traces its roots back to the 1920s in the USA, specifically in Georgia. Initially known as “Beano”, it was played at county fairs using beans to mark the cards. It wasn’t until a toy salesman named Edwin S. Lowe observed the game and saw its potential that it took on the name “Bingo”. Lowe hired a math professor, Carl Leffler, to expand the number of combinations in bingo cards. By 1930, Leffler had designed over 6,000 unique bingo cards.

While the traditional Bingo was already popular, its various versions, including Bingo Plus, started gaining momentum in the late 20th century. These adaptations were aimed at making the game more exciting and attracting a younger audience.

Introduction to Bingo Plus Variant

Bingo Plus stands out due to its unique card layout and winning patterns. Instead of the standard 5×5 grid used in regular Bingo, Bingo Plus might employ different grid dimensions, such as 6×6 or 7×7, which means there are more numbers on the card and thus more chances to win.

Another defining feature of Bingo Plus is the introduction of multiple winning patterns. Apart from the traditional horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines, players can win by forming patterns like “four corners”, “cross”, “diamond”, and more. These added variations make the game more unpredictable and thus more thrilling.

The cost of a single Bingo Plus card is typically around $5, depending on where you buy it. This price is slightly higher than the traditional bingo card due to the increased chances of winning. But, with greater opportunities come more rewards. On average, the jackpot for Bingo Plus games can range from $500 to $2,000, again depending on the venue or platform.

As with any game, it’s essential to ensure its quality. Most Bingo Plus cards are made of durable materials, ensuring they don’t tear easily, and the numbers are printed clearly to prevent confusion during the game. The average lifespan of a Bingo Plus card, if kept in good condition, can be several years.

In terms of speed, Bingo Plus games might take a bit longer than traditional Bingo because of the increased numbers and patterns. However, this extended playtime is balanced by the heightened excitement and anticipation it offers.

Remember, while Bingo Plus offers many advantages, including higher jackpots and more ways to win, it also comes with a slight increase in cost. But for many, the trade-off is worth the thrill and potential rewards.

Basic Equipment Needed for Bingo Plus

Engaging in a game of Bingo Plus is thrilling, but having the right equipment is essential for a smooth and fun experience. Below, we delve into the specific items you’d need to ensure you’re well-prepared for your Bingo Plus game.

Bingo Plus Cards

A Bingo Plus Card is the primary tool every player needs. Unlike the traditional 5×5 grid found in classic Bingo, Bingo Plus cards often come in a 6×6 or 7×7 format, offering players more numbers and thus a greater challenge.

  • Materials and Quality: Most cards are made from thick, sturdy paper or cardboard to ensure they don’t tear during the game. The numbers are printed with high-quality ink to prevent smudging or fading.
  • Price: A typical Bingo Plus card can cost around $6-$8, slightly more than a regular Bingo card due to its increased complexity and size.
  • Size: The average size of a Bingo Plus card is 7 inches by 7 inches, though this can vary based on the manufacturer.

Bingo Balls or Virtual Callers

While traditional Bingo uses balls with numbers on them, Bingo Plus players have options.

  • Physical Bingo Balls: These are similar to the classic balls but feature a more extensive range of numbers to cater to the Bingo Plus card’s larger size. They are typically made of durable plastic or wood. A set might cost anywhere between $30 to $50, depending on the material and craftsmanship.
  • Virtual Callers: With the rise of online Bingo Plus games, virtual callers have gained popularity. These are software applications or online platforms that randomly generate and call out Bingo numbers. An annual subscription to a reliable virtual caller can range from $100 to $200.

Markers or Daubers

Markers, often referred to as daubers, are used to mark off called numbers on the Bingo cards.

  • Materials: Daubers contain non-toxic ink and usually come with a sponge tip for easy marking.
  • Price: A single dauber can cost between $1 to $3. Some players prefer having multiple daubers in various colors, while others stick to one.
  • Size and Specifications: Daubers are typically the size of a regular marker, about 5 to 6 inches in length, and can hold around 43ml to 50ml of ink. The tip size is crucial for clear marking and typically measures around 15mm.

In conclusion, while Bingo Plus requires a few essential pieces of equipment, investing in high-quality items ensures an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience. Always compare the value, materials, and specifications before making a purchase to get the best deal for your needs.

Understanding the Bingo Plus Rules

Grasping the rules of Bingo Plus is essential to enjoy the game fully and increase your chances of winning. While the core concept remains similar to classic Bingo, Bingo Plus introduces new twists that make the game more exciting.


The Layout of a Bingo Plus Card

A Bingo Plus card is unique, setting itself apart from the standard Bingo cards.

  • Grid Format: Instead of the familiar 5×5 grid in classic Bingo, a Bingo Plus card generally uses a 6×6 or 7×7 grid, accommodating more numbers.
  • Numbers Range: On a 6×6 card, numbers range from 1 to 36, while on a 7×7 card, they span from 1 to 49.
  • Quality and Material: Ensuring a clear print is essential. The cards are printed on sturdy paper or cardboard, with each number clearly legible, measuring around 15mm in height.
  • Price: Due to the larger size and increased complexity, a Bingo Plus card can be priced around 10% higher than regular Bingo cards.

How Numbers are Called Out

The process of number calling in Bingo Plus adds suspense to every game.

  • Physical Balls: In traditional settings, numbers are drawn from a rotating drum. Each ball, usually made of plastic or wood, is clearly labeled with a number. They’re typically 40mm in diameter.
  • Virtual Callers: In online Bingo Plus platforms, numbers are generated randomly by software. The virtual caller announces the number, and it’s also displayed on the screen for clarity.
  • Speed: Numbers are called out every 10 to 15 seconds, allowing players sufficient time to scan their cards and mark the corresponding number.

Winning Patterns and Combinations

What makes Bingo Plus especially captivating are the diverse winning patterns.

  • Traditional Patterns: Just like in classic Bingo, you can win by marking off numbers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row.
  • Special Patterns: Bingo Plus introduces unique patterns like the “four corners”, “cross”, “diamond”, and even intricate shapes like “the anchor” or “the pyramid”.
  • Full House: Covering all numbers on the Bingo Plus card is often termed as a “Full House” or “Blackout”. Achieving this usually fetches the highest prize.
  • Prize Value: The value of prizes can vary. For instance, simple patterns might win you $50 to $100, while a Full House can earn a jackpot ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the game’s setting and stakes.

In summary, understanding the rules, card layout, number calling process, and the plethora of winning patterns can greatly enhance your Bingo Plus experience. It’s always beneficial to familiarize yourself with the game’s nuances to maximize your chances of striking it big.

Steps to Play Bingo Plus

Playing Bingo Plus is a straightforward process, but understanding each step can make your game more enjoyable and increase your chances of success. Here’s a detailed guide on how to engage in a Bingo Plus game, from buying cards to celebrating a win.

1 on Pink Plus Pattern Bingo Paper Cards
1 on Pink Plus Pattern Bingo Paper Cards

Buying Bingo Plus Cards

To kick off your game, you’ll first need to purchase a Bingo Plus card.

  • Where to Buy: Cards can be bought at physical bingo halls, online platforms, or even at special events. Some online Bingo websites offer digital versions for players.
  • Cost: The price of a Bingo Plus card typically ranges from $6 to $10, depending on the platform or venue. Sometimes, discounts or package deals are available for buying multiple cards.
  • Choosing a Card: While the numbers on the cards are random, some players have preferences, such as cards that feature their lucky numbers.

Waiting for the Game to Start

Once you have your card, the anticipation builds!

  • Arrival Time: If you’re playing in a physical hall, aim to arrive 15-20 minutes early. This gives you time to settle in, prepare your cards, and perhaps enjoy some social interaction.
  • Online Platforms: For online games, logging in a few minutes early ensures your connection is stable and you’re ready when the game begins.

Marking off Numbers

This is where the action truly begins.

  • Listening Carefully: Whether you’re in a hall or online, pay close attention to the called numbers. Missing even one can mean the difference between winning and losing.
  • Using Daubers: In physical settings, use daubers to mark off numbers. They come in various colors, so pick your favorite! Remember, the ink dries in about 5-7 seconds.
  • Digital Marking: Online platforms usually offer automatic marking features. However, some players prefer to mark their numbers manually for a more authentic experience.

Claiming a Win

Feeling lucky? Here’s what to do when you’ve got a winning card.

  • Shout or Press: In traditional settings, players shout “Bingo!” as soon as they complete a pattern. In online games, there’s usually a “Bingo” button to press.
  • Verification: Once you claim a win, your card will be checked for accuracy. In physical halls, a staff member reviews it, while online platforms automate this process.
  • Prizes: Winning can earn you various rewards. Simple pattern victories might net you $50-$100, while complex patterns or a full card can earn jackpots of $1,000 or even up to $5,000.
  • Multiple Winners: Sometimes, more than one player claims a win on the same number. In such cases, the prize is typically split among the winners.

Playing Bingo Plus is not just about winning; it’s about the excitement, the community, and the joy of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, each game offers a unique experience, and who knows, today might just be your lucky day!

Playing Bingo Plus Online vs Offline

The rise of digital platforms has introduced a new way to enjoy Bingo Plus – online! Each mode, whether traditional offline or digital online, offers its unique experience. Here’s a deep dive into the two modes of play, ensuring you get the most out of your Bingo Plus experience.

Popular Online Bingo Plus Platforms in the USA

Engaging in an online game of Bingo Plus is easy thanks to several trustworthy platforms available.

  • BingoBlitz: A combination of classic Bingo and thrilling quests, BingoBlitz offers a unique gaming experience. The platform also boasts chat features, allowing players to socialize.
  • CyberBingo: Established in 1996, this is one of the longest-running online Bingo platforms. It’s known for its generous bonuses and a wide range of Bingo variations, including Bingo Plus.
  • BingoHall: With daily tournaments and progressive jackpots, BingoHall keeps players engaged and offers substantial cash prizes.
  • Cost of Play: Online platforms often offer a range of buy-ins, starting as low as $1 per card, with some platforms providing initial free cards or bonuses to attract new players.

Advantages of Online Play

Online Bingo Plus is growing in popularity for several reasons.

  • Convenience: Play from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Variety: Online platforms often feature various Bingo games, not limited to just Bingo Plus.
  • Social Interaction: Modern platforms have chat rooms, enabling players to connect with others globally. Some even have video features, replicating the bingo hall experience.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Online players often benefit from sign-up bonuses, loyalty rewards, and frequent promotions, providing added value for their money.

Tips for Playing at Physical Bingo Halls

For those who appreciate the traditional mode of play, here’s how to enhance your offline Bingo Plus experience.

  • Arrive Early: Arriving 20-30 minutes before the game begins allows you to choose a comfortable spot, prepare your cards, and maybe even catch up with fellow players.
  • Bring Supplies: Apart from your Bingo cards, consider bringing multiple daubers, snacks, and a cushion for added comfort. A good dauber costs around $2-$3, but its precision and speed can be invaluable.
  • Stay Alert: With numbers being called out every 10-15 seconds, maintaining focus is crucial. Limit distractions and stay engaged.
  • Respect Bingo Etiquette: Celebrate wins gracefully, be considerate when someone else wins, and maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere.

In conclusion, whether you opt for the digital thrill of online Bingo Plus or the nostalgic charm of a physical bingo hall, both experiences offer unique advantages. The choice boils down to personal preference. Just remember to enjoy the process, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and, most importantly, have fun!

Bingo Plus Strategies and Tips

While Bingo Plus, like its predecessor Bingo, is primarily a game of chance, seasoned players often employ strategies to increase their odds of winning. If you’re looking to up your game, consider implementing the following techniques and tips.

Selecting the Best Cards

Choosing a card isn’t just about luck; there’s a bit of strategy involved.

  • Balanced Numbers: Opt for cards with a balance of high and low numbers, as well as even and odd ones. Statistically, there’s an equal chance of any number being called.
  • The Lucky Number Theory: Some players swear by cards that feature their personal lucky numbers. While this doesn’t guarantee a win, it might boost your confidence during the game.
  • Buy More, Win More: If budget allows, buying multiple cards can increase your chances of having a winning combination. The average cost of a card is around $7, so budget accordingly.

Tracking Multiple Cards at Once

Playing with multiple cards simultaneously can be challenging but rewarding.

  • Stay Organized: Arrange your cards in a grid format, so you can quickly scan and mark numbers. Using a clipboard or a hard surface can also help.
  • Use Colorful Daubers: Different colored daubers can help you distinguish between cards or games if you’re playing more than one round simultaneously.
  • Practice: Start with a manageable number of cards and gradually increase as you become more comfortable. Over time, you’ll develop the skill to track 4, 5, or even more cards at once.

Recognizing Patterns Quickly

Bingo Plus is all about patterns. Being able to spot them swiftly can give you an edge.

  • Familiarize Yourself: Before the game begins, review possible winning patterns. Some halls or online platforms provide printouts or displays of potential patterns.
  • Prioritize: Based on the patterns you’re closest to completing, prioritize which numbers you’re hoping to hear next.
  • Stay Alert: Speed is crucial. The faster you recognize a potential win, the quicker you can call “Bingo!” and claim your prize.

To sum up, while there’s no foolproof strategy for Bingo Plus, employing these tips can certainly enhance your gameplay and possibly increase your chances of walking away with a prize. The key is to practice, stay alert, and most importantly, enjoy the process. After all, the thrill of the game is what keeps players coming back!

Bingo USA
Bingo USA

Social Aspects of Bingo Plus

While the game of Bingo Plus provides thrilling gameplay, a significant allure of the game is its social component. Whether playing online or offline, Bingo Plus offers a sense of community, camaraderie, and shared excitement. Let’s delve into the rich social dimensions of this game.

Playing with Friends and Family

Bingo Plus can be a bonding activity, strengthening connections with loved ones.

  • Group Play: Organize a Bingo Plus night at home. All you need is a set of cards, a caller, and perhaps some snacks. Depending on your budget, the cost of setting up a home game can range from $20 to $100.
  • Gift Cards: Sharing the love for Bingo Plus can be as simple as gifting game cards to family members on special occasions.
  • Online Rooms: Many online platforms allow you to create private rooms. Invite friends and family for a virtual game night, ensuring everyone can join, no matter the distance.

Bingo Plus Tournaments and Events

Tournaments elevate the thrill of the game, often introducing larger stakes and tighter communities.

  • Local Bingo Halls: Many bingo halls host weekly or monthly Bingo Plus tournaments. Entry fees can range from $10 to $50, with prizes often scaling up accordingly.
  • Special Events: On occasions like holidays or anniversaries, special Bingo Plus events might be organized, featuring unique patterns or bigger jackpots.
  • Online Championships: Digital platforms often hold tournaments where players from around the world compete. These events might offer substantial cash rewards, virtual goods, or even real-life prizes like vacations.

Community Interaction and Engagement

Bingo Plus fosters a sense of community among players.

  • Chat Features: Online platforms usually come equipped with chat rooms where players can discuss strategies, share experiences, or simply get to know each other.
  • Bingo Clubs: In various regions, Bingo enthusiasts form clubs or groups, meeting regularly for games, discussions, or social events. Membership fees for such clubs are typically minimal, around $5 to $15 annually.
  • Charity Games: Many communities organize Bingo Plus games as fundraisers for charitable causes. Participating in such events allows players to enjoy the game while supporting a good cause.

In essence, Bingo Plus is not just a game; it’s a social experience. Whether you’re connecting with family, competing in tournaments, or engaging with fellow enthusiasts, the game offers myriad opportunities to bond, share, and create lasting memories. Always remember, while winning is delightful, the journey and the shared laughter are what truly make the game special.

Safety and Regulations

Ensuring fair play, safeguarding players, and adhering to legal guidelines are paramount in any gaming activity, including Bingo Plus. While the game is primarily for entertainment, it’s essential to be aware of the rules, regulations, and potential pitfalls. Here’s a comprehensive look at maintaining safety and adhering to the standards when playing Bingo Plus.

Recognizing and Avoiding Bingo Scams

As with any popular game, Bingo Plus can attract unsavory elements trying to scam enthusiasts.

  • Too Good to Be True: Beware of platforms or individuals offering guaranteed wins or unusually large bonuses. Remember, Bingo is a game of chance.
  • Unlicensed Platforms: Always play on reputable and licensed platforms. Check for licenses or certifications, often displayed at the bottom of online Bingo sites.
  • Secure Payments: When playing online, ensure the platform uses secure payment gateways. Look for “https://” in the website’s URL or other security certifications.
  • Reviews and Feedback: Before joining a game or platform, read reviews or seek recommendations from fellow players. Platforms with a history of scams or poor conduct will likely have negative feedback.

Regulations Governing Bingo Plus in the USA

Each state in the USA might have specific regulations concerning Bingo and its variants.

  • Age Restrictions: The majority of states require players to be 18 or older, though some might have a minimum age of 21.
  • Licensing: Bingo halls, whether physical or online, need to possess a valid license. It’s issued by state gaming commissions, ensuring the game’s integrity and fairness.
  • Prize Caps: Some states might impose limits on the amount of cash or the value of prizes that can be awarded in a single game or session.
  • Charitable Gaming: Many states allow non-profit organizations to host Bingo games as fundraisers. However, there are often strict guidelines to ensure the funds are used appropriately.
Offline Bingo Game
Offline Bingo Game

Responsible Gaming and Support Resources

Playing responsibly ensures that Bingo Plus remains a fun and sustainable pastime.

  • Set Limits: Decide on a budget for each game or session and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses or betting more than you can afford.
  • Seek Support: If you feel you’re developing a gaming problem, seek assistance. Organizations like the National Council on Problem Gambling offer resources and helplines.
  • Take Breaks: Ensure you take regular breaks when playing, especially during long sessions or tournaments.

In conclusion, while Bingo Plus offers endless fun and social interaction, it’s crucial to remain aware of safety and regulations. Playing responsibly, staying informed, and being vigilant against potential scams ensures that you enjoy the game while staying protected.

What’s the typical cost of a Bingo Plus card in the USA?

A Bingo Plus card typically costs around $6 to $10, depending on the platform or venue.

How often are numbers called out during a Bingo Plus game?

Numbers are usually called out every 10 to 15 seconds during a game.

What’s the primary difference between a Bingo and a Bingo Plus card?

Unlike the 5x5 grid in classic Bingo, a Bingo Plus card often uses a 6x6 or 7x7 grid.

How do I recognize a legitimate online Bingo Plus platform?

Legitimate platforms often display licenses or certifications, have secure payment gateways, and feature positive player reviews.

What is the average prize for a simple pattern win in Bingo Plus?

A simple pattern victory in Bingo Plus can typically earn you between $50 and $100. Q6: How do I avoid Bingo scams when playing online?

How do I avoid Bingo scams when playing online?

Stick to licensed platforms, avoid offers that seem too good to be true, and always use secure payment methods.

How can I play Bingo Plus responsibly?

Set a game budget, avoid chasing losses, take regular breaks, and seek support if you feel you're developing a gaming problem.

Are there age restrictions for playing Bingo Plus in the USA?

Yes, most states require players to be at least 18, though some may set the minimum age at 21.

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