What is number 8 in bingo?

In traditional 75-ball bingo, number 8 is found in the ‘B’ column. It’s associated with the phrase “One Fat Lady” in UK bingo calls due to the number’s resemblance to the side profile of a rotund figure. Additionally, number 8 holds cultural significance in various traditions, especially in Chinese culture where it’s deemed lucky and symbolizes prosperity.

Understanding Bingo Cards

Bingo cards, fundamental to the game of bingo, have a unique layout that can differ slightly based on the variant of the game. Familiarizing oneself with the structure and number distribution can provide deeper insights into the game and perhaps even an edge in play.

What is number 8 in bingo

Layout and Structure

Bingo cards traditionally consist of a 5×5 grid, making up a total of 25 squares.  Each column corresponds to a letter in the word “BINGO.”

  • B Column: This column accommodates numbers 1 through 15. Every card will have a random assortment of these numbers in the ‘B’ column.
  • I Column: Here, you’ll find numbers ranging from 16 to 30.
  • N Column: Representing numbers from 31 to 45, this column has the added distinction of containing the “free space” in the center of the grid.
  • G Column: Numbers from 46 to 60 reside here.
  • O Column: Lastly, the ‘O’ column showcases numbers from 61 to 75.

It’s essential to recognize that while this structure applies to the typical 75-ball bingo played in North America, there are other variants like the 90-ball bingo popular in the UK, which has a different card structure.

Number Distribution Across Columns

Each column in a bingo card houses a specific range of numbers. This organized distribution ensures that every number drawn has a precise place on the bingo card.

  • B Column Distribution: Only numbers between 1 and 15 can populate this column.
  • I Column Specifics: Numbers 16 through 30 have their home here.
  • N Column Traits: With numbers ranging from 31 to 45 (excluding the free space), players quickly get used to checking this central column when such numbers appear.
  • G Column Characteristics: Any announced number between 46 and 60 points players straight to the ‘G’ column.
  • O Column Details: The final column, representing numbers 61 to 75, completes the bingo card’s layout.


Specifics about Number 8

Number 8, while just another number in many contexts, holds unique significance in the realm of bingo. From its placement on the bingo card to various historical and cultural connotations, understanding the nuances of number 8 can enrich the bingo experience.

Its Placement on the Bingo Card

Number 8 sits firmly within the ‘B’ column of a traditional 75-ball bingo card. As the ‘B’ column encompasses numbers 1 through 15, number 8 can be found amidst these first fifteen numbers. When the caller announces a number from this range, seasoned bingo players instinctively look to the ‘B’ column.  This organization is consistent across various bingo variations that use the 75-ball format.

Historical Significance or Trivia

The number 8 carries varied significances across cultures and histories. While not all directly related to bingo, these nuances can sometimes find their way into bingo halls and anecdotes.

  • Lucky Eight: In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered extremely lucky. The pronunciation of “eight” in Chinese sounds like the word for “wealth” or “prosper.”
  • Bingo Calls in the UK: In the UK, traditional bingo number calls associate catchy phrases with numbers. For number 8, the call is “One Fat Lady,” referring to the shape of the number resembling a rotund figure. This type of rhyming slang is a hallmark of British bingo culture.
  • Infinity Symbol: The shape of the number 8 is similar to the infinity symbol when laid on its side. While this isn’t a direct association with bingo, it adds another layer to the number’s multifaceted significance.

Common Bingo Calls

Bingo calls have long been an integral part of the game, adding a touch of fun, humor, and tradition to the experience. Understanding these calls not only enriches the game but also offers a glimpse into the cultural contexts from which they originate.

Bingo Ball Lucky Number B 8 Blue Button

Traditional Bingo Number Calls

Bingo calls have evolved over time, with many of them rooted in rhyming slang, historical events, or simple visual associations. Here are some of the traditional calls from the 75-ball bingo popular in North America and the 90-ball version common in the UK:

  • B-2: “Me and You”
  • I-16: “Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed”
  • N-32: “Buckle my Shoe”
  • G-50: “Halfway there”
  • O-69: “Any way up” or “The same both ways”

The UK has its set of distinct calls for the 90-ball bingo:

  • 1: “Kelly’s Eye”
  • 9: “Doctor’s Orders”
  • 22: “Two Little Ducks”
  • 55: “All the Fives”
  • 88: “Two Fat Ladies”

These calls serve to make the game more engaging, allowing for anticipation and a touch of entertainment with every number drawn.

The Call for Number 8

For number 8, the traditional bingo call in the UK is “One Fat Lady.” The origin of this call is purely visual, as the number 8 looks like the side profile of a rotund lady. These associations help players remember numbers more vividly and add a layer of fun to the game. While such calls might seem quirky, they are a testament to the deep-rooted traditions and cultural quirks of the bingo community.

Strategies in Bingo

While bingo is fundamentally a game of chance, players over the years have developed various strategies to optimize their chances of winning and make the gameplay more engaging. These tactics don’t change the odds of the game but can enhance a player’s experience, making them feel more involved and proactive during a session.

Bingo Games

Importance of the Number 8 in Gameplay

Number 8, as mentioned, finds its place in the ‘B’ column of the 75-ball bingo card. Although every number in bingo holds equal statistical significance, certain psychological aspects surround individual numbers.

  • Familiarity and Recognition: Some players believe that frequently seeing or thinking about a specific number, like the number 8, might increase its chances of being drawn.
  • Lucky Charm: Given the significance of the number 8 in various cultures, especially in Chinese traditions where it’s associated with prosperity, some players might view it as a lucky number and believe that its appearance could herald good fortune.

However, it’s essential to remember that in bingo, each number draw is an independent event, and past draws don’t influence future outcomes.

Tips for Tracking and Covering Numbers

For those serious about their bingo gameplay, some strategies might help in tracking and marking numbers more efficiently:

  • Stay Organized: Play with a manageable number of cards. While more cards can increase your chances of winning, too many can become overwhelming and lead to missed numbers.
  • Sit Close to the Caller: Being near the caller can ensure you hear each number distinctly, reducing the chances of mistakes.
  • Use Quality Daubers: Investing in good-quality daubers ensures numbers are marked clearly and quickly, without the ink smudging.
  • Stay Alert: As simple as it sounds, paying close attention to the called numbers and constantly scanning your cards can increase efficiency.
  • Practice: Like any other activity, playing bingo regularly can improve one’s speed and accuracy. There are various online bingo platforms where players can practice.

How is a traditional bingo card structured?

A traditional bingo card consists of a 5x5 grid with a total of 25 squares. The center square is a "free space." Each column corresponds to a letter in "BINGO" and contains a specific range of numbers.

What is the significance of the number 8 in Chinese culture?

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered lucky because its pronunciation sounds like the word for "wealth" or "prosper."

What is the typical call for number 8 in UK bingo?

In UK bingo, the traditional call for number 8 is "One Fat Lady."

What does the 'B' column of a bingo card represent?

The 'B' column on a bingo card represents numbers 1 through 15.

How many numbers are there in the 'O' column of a 75-ball bingo card?

The 'O' column of a 75-ball bingo card represents numbers from 61 to 75, so there are 15 numbers in total.

How does the 90-ball bingo version differ from the 75-ball bingo?

The 90-ball bingo, popular in the UK, has a different card structure and more numbers compared to the 75-ball bingo popular in North America.

Are there strategies to increase winning chances in bingo?

While bingo is primarily a game of luck, some strategies like staying organized, practicing, and sitting close to the caller can help players track and mark numbers more efficiently.

What is the lifespan of a quality bingo dauber?

The lifespan of a quality bingo dauber can vary based on usage, but typically, a good dauber can last for about 4 to 6 months with regular play, covering approximately 15,000 to 20,000 bingo squares.

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