Where Can I Buy Bulk Bingo Chips Online

You can buy bulk bingo chips online from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or specialty gaming stores, with prices ranging from $5 to $100 depending on quantity and quality.

Advantages of Buying Bingo Chips Online

There are multiple benefits available for buyers looking for bingo chips to purchase on the digital platform. From a wider selection to price comparison and delivery services, the online marketplace has so much to offer. Below is a comprehensive description of these benefits:

Wider Variety of Selection

Many online stores provide a broader inventory of goods than physical stores. Therefore, they offer many types of bingo chips that differ in material, such as plastic, wood, or acrylic, size, color, and even custom-made bingo chips . While a local store could have between 5 – 10 types of bingo chips, an online store provides buyers with over 50 varieties. A range in variety will ensure that buyers get bingo chips that match their games or themes.

Bulk 144 Pc
Bulk 144 Pc

Price Comparison

The most significant advantage of purchasing items on the internet is that shoppers will be able to check prices among different sites quickly. For instance, one website may sell 1000 plastic bingo chips for $20 while another may go for $50. Such information will help shoppers determine who to buy from based on a fair price that does not exceed the product’s quality. Online retailers give shoppers the price and make it easy to compare to help the buyer make an informed decision.

Delivery Services

When buying on the internet, shoppers can access free delivery services to their place of residence. This is effective for many shoppers since bingo chips are heavy, and, when bought in bulk, it is difficult to carry around. Order delivery time may differ from several days to a week for local orders. However, it is possible to get in touch with the store and make an order for faster delivery because some stores have an option for express shipping for your location. For quick delivery, regular shipping may cost an average of $5 – $15, while express delivery may cost $20 – $30, depending on the order size and your place of residence Special Offers and Discounts . Another critical advantage is the consideration of the suppliers offering a promotion, which may include offered discounts and other significant price reductions. Some retailers provide free shipping for products costing a certain amount up. Therefore, the shopper must also consider this as an opportunity when buying several bingo chips. Overall, special offers may include a special discount on purchases exceeding 1000 chips of around 10% – 20%. Moreover, some suppliers provide gifts or a special chip design for such purchases apart from the discount.

Guide on Bingo Chips Selection

Choosing the right bingo chips is vital for the proper game playing. The given guide will direct through the aspects that should be taken into account by a potential buyer who is interested in acquiring bingo chips in bulk, with mention of types of the materials, size, quantity and color.


There are two common types of material from which bingo chips are produced:

  • Plastic Bingo Chips. They are widely used for the advantages they offer: they are lightweight, making an entire bag of chips relatively easy to transport; they are resistant to damage and wear which means that they can be used repeatedly, and they tend to be cheaper than wooden chips. At the same time, they are produced in vivid colors and are easy to notice on the card, which is a must in a game of speed. Such chips are more suitable for frequent use and for people looking for cost-effective options.

  • Wooden Bingo Chips. Many people prefer the wooden chips for their classic look; also, they are more durable and are going to be replaced less often. On the negative side, they are more expensive and less colorful. These chips are often used for occasional games and bought by people interested in a more refined slot design.

Amazon.com: Hygloss Products 59151 Colored Bingo Chips
Amazon.com: Hygloss Products 59151 Colored Bingo Chips


The size is another factor to take into consideration. Bingo chips’ diameter may vary from ¾ inch to 1 ½ inch.

  • ¾-inch Chips. They are suitable for small lady bingo cards as many people prefer these chips for a more minimalistic approach. Being smallest they are also easier to handle and store.

  • 1 ½ inch Chips. Such a size is selected by people who need them for greater bingo cards and people who are interested in greater picks as they are easier to handle and easier to see.


Lastly, the quantity of the chips to be acquired in bulk is another key parameter. It is important to think whether the chips are going to be enough for a playing session. A small community center looking to accommodate around 50 people for weekly bingo might like to purchase 1,000 chips, while a larger organization running daily bingo sessions with hundreds of attendees might need 5,000 chips.

Some Platforms to Buy Bingo Chips Online

There are multiple platforms to purchase bingo chips, available in terms of the assortment of chips, prices, and service. Below are introduced some well-known online platforms or merchants, providing bingo supplies.


Assortment: Amazon provides a large variety of bingo chips in terms of materials, sizes, and color. The selection of bingo chips includes plastic and wooden ones, and you may choose packs of different quantities.

Prices: As of the prices, in the case of Amazon, they vary depending on brands, material, and numbers of chips. On the website, you can find some available even for $5 dollars and premium $5o dollars worth, or even some in bulk.

Customer service: In regards to customer service, Amazon is known for its prime service, providing short delivery time, and acceptable conditions for refunds.

Buy BrybellyRoyal Bingo Supplies Bingo Chips for Bingo Games
Buy BrybellyRoyal Bingo Supplies Bingo Chips for Bingo Games


Assortment: Walmart also provides bingo chips both for home use or organization purposes. Their assortment includes smaller, cheaper, and more durable chips in multiple colors.

Prices: The price for chips at Walmart begins with around $4 dollars and ends with $30 dollars for a larger pack of chips.

Customer service: Shopping may be even more convenient, as it is applicable in-store with the option to pick up right away, and online option to request tracking information for orders or return the product.


Assortment: eBay is a website that is best known as an auction site catalogue, and a wide variety of new and used chips can be found. Furthermore, on eBay, you may find some very old bingo chips, noble materials, or some with particular association or value. It sources both commercial and private sellers.

Prices: Prices may start with $1-$2 for smaller chips or pack and go up to $100-$200 dollars or more for more premium chips, or plenty of chips being bought for the promotional needs.

Customer service: In regards to customer service, return policies or questions and answers before buying items auctioned here depend on the seller, but there are some safe buyer rules, and eBay in general, tries to ensure the transaction is secure.

Online Gaming Supply Store

Finally, there are multiple smaller online calls one may find for buying gaming supplies in general, which will also offer a variety of bingo chips. The price will mostly start from around $10 and can reach over $100 dollars for premium chips. They will provide comfortable customer service, usually having the product returned and a satisfied customer guarantee.

What is the cost range for bulk bingo chips on these platforms?

On platforms like Amazon and Walmart, bulk bingo chips can range from $5 for basic sets to $50 for premium quantities. eBay might offer wider price variations from $1 to $100 due to the auction format and the availability of rare or used items.

How do I determine the right quantity of bingo chips to purchase?

Estimate based on the number of players and frequency of games. For small events, 1,000 chips might suffice, while larger venues or more frequent games could require over 5,000 chips. Always buy slightly more than you estimate to accommodate for lost or damaged chips.

What are the material options for bingo chips and how do they impact cost?

Bingo chips are mainly made from plastic or wood. Plastic chips are more affordable and range from $5 to $20 for bulk purchases. Wooden chips, offering a classic feel, can be pricier, with sets often costing between $30 and $100.

What size and color options are available for bingo chips?

Sizes typically range from 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches. Colors vary widely, with bright colors for visibility and different colors to differentiate players or games. Size and color choices usually do not significantly affect price.

How does the choice of online platform affect delivery times for bulk bingo chips?

Amazon and Walmart offer fast shipping options, especially for members or with minimum spend. eBay's delivery times can vary significantly based on the seller's location and shipping method. Specialty gaming stores might have standard shipping times but can offer expedited shipping for an additional fee. Always check the estimated delivery times and shipping costs before purchasing to ensure the chips arrive when you need them.

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